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ICS Nipples
International Completion Solutions has a variety of nipples available to meet your completion requirements. Manufactured to industry standard design, these nipples range up through our High Pressure and "Extreme II Landing Nipple" model for extreme service applications.

ICS Completion Nipples are available in various profiles, metallurgy and threaded connections.
ICS No-Go Profile Nipple
Description No-Go Profile Nipple
This device is a bottom no-go profile nipple used for installation of flow control systems in oil & gas wells.

The nipple is normally used for direct location of plugs, flow control devices, and to hang off pressure temperature gauges. The device is designed for slickline locking mandrels and features a polished seal bore for controlling high pressures.


Product Specifications - No Go Profile Nipple
Size Seal Bore Nipple O. D. Nipple Length
1.87" 1.875" 2.730" 10.625"
2.31" 2.313" 3.20" 10.625"
2.75" 2.750" 3.90" 15.082"
2.81" 2.812" 3.90" 15.082"
ICSF Profile Nipple
Description ICSF Profile Nipple
The ICSF nipple is a selective landing nipple that allows for the location of flow control devices, such as blanking plugs, bottom hole memory gauges etc.

The nipple has a lock groove for internal locking of the lock mandrel. The polished seal area provides a surface for sealing of the proper flow control device designed specifically for this nipple profile.


Product Specifications - ICSF Profile Nipple
Size Seal Bore Min. O. D.
1.78" 1.781" 2.560"
1.81" 1.812" 2.560"
1.87" 1.875" 2.560"
2.25" 2.250" 3.109"
2.31" 2.313" 3.109"
2.56" 2.562" 3.687"
2.75" 2.750" 3.687"
2.81" 2.813" 3.687"
ICS "Extreme II HP Landing Nipple"
Description ICS Extreme II HP Landing Nipple
The Extreme II landing nipple is a high pressure R type profile nipple used for installation of flow control systems in High Pressure Oil & Gas wells.

High Pressure rated for 10,000 PSI working pressures. API 14L-0012 and ISO 9001/Q91 with all traceable material certifications provided. This system provides a safe reliable means of controlling down-hole production were extreme pressures exist.

The "Extreme-II" Nipple is available in 13 Cr and or 25 Cr with KS Bear Premium Connections.

Product Specifications - ICS "Extreme II HP Landing Nipple"
Seal Bore Nipple O. D. Nipple Length
4.562" 5.5" 14"
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